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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Thoughts of Lao Tzu

"There was something undefined and complete, coming into existence before Heaven and Earth. How still it was and formless, standing alone, and undergoing no change, reaching everywhere and in no danger of being exhausted! It may be regarded as the Mother of all things. I do not know its name, and I give it the designation of the Tao. ...Humanity takes its law from the Earth; the Earth takes its law from Heaven: Heaven takes its law from the Tao. The law of the Tao is its being what it is."

"He who knows other men is discerning; he who knows himself is intelligent. He who overcomes others is strong; he who overcomes himself is mighty. He who is satisfied with his lot is rich; he who goes on acting with energy has a firm will. He who does not fail in the requirements of his position, continues long; he who dies and yet does not perish, has longevity.'

"The softest thing in the world dashes against and overcomes the hardest; that which has no substantial existence enters where there is no crevice. I know hereby what advantage belongs to doing nothing."

"I have three precious things which I prize and hold fast to. The first is gentleness; the second is economy; and the third is avoiding taking precedence over others. With that gentleness I can be bold; with that economy I can be liberal; avoiding taking precedence over others, I can become the vessel of the highest honor. These days men give up gentleness and are all for being bold; they give up economy, and are all for liberality; they are all in last place, and seek only to be in the first place. The end of all these things is death. Gentleness is sure to be victorious even in battle, and maintain its ground firmly. Heaven will save its possessor: his very gentleness will save him."

Extracted from the Tao Ching aka The Book of Changes.


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